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Center for Learning Unlimited - Meeting the Unique Needs of Students

Gary Fournier serves as a managing director with JP Morgan, where he manages more than $1 billion in assets for high-net-worth clients. Outside of work, Gary Fournier is active in charitable giving and donates to the Center for Learning Unlimited. 

Dedicated to helping K-12 students who have complex learning challenges, the Center for Learning Unlimited is a specialized day school in Torrance, California. The center relies on individualized education plans, relationship-based interventions, and year-round programs to meet the unique needs of students.

The center’s relationship-based intervention model has reaped impressive outcomes, with 90 percent of students returning to their original schools, 60 percent graduating from high school, and 70 percent eventually finishing their postsecondary education.

The center offers both full- and part-time educational programming, as well as a diagnostic/prescriptive program and summer activities. In addition to its qualified teachers, the center brings in a team of paraprofessionals with degrees or experience in a wide variety of areas, ranging from psychology and education to sociology and occupational therapy. 

To learn more about the Center for Learning Unlimited, visit

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